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Hello!  I am glad you stopped in. 
My name is Brian McIntosh. 
For the last 16 years, I have spent my life flying fighters for the US Navy, building an international marketing organization, creating companies, writing books, and living a fantastic life with my beautiful wife a two daughters.  I have dedicated thousands of hours to studying success in business and in life.  I have isolated 3 key disciplines that yield maximum results in business, finances, relationships, and facilitate getting through this roller coaster we call life with integrity intact.
I am eager share these principles with you.

TTG Vision...
No matter where you come from, what area of business you are in, or vocation you hold, it is my philosophy that the degree of success you find in any area will be completely determined by your thinking, which is a product of your core beliefs, which stem from your values.  There is a formula for success, and it is not a secret, to spite what many believe.  It is, however, a formula which does not come as standard equipment with most of us, and must therefore be learned.  If you learn it, it can change everything. 

How does a mediocre student of a middle class law enforcement family with no special talents, skills, or abilities become a TopGun Fighter Pilot for the US Navy, an author, speaker, and mentor to thousands, and a leader of an international organization of thousands in business with no business background or experience? 
It was not easy, but it is simple, and it can be boiled down to three fundamental principles, which once mastered, can yield results in every area of your life. 

If you would like greater results in your personal life, health, relationships, business, financial standing, or production... If you want to increase sales for your organization, create better synergy in your team, or increase the overall profits of your sales force...if you want more moral in your office, and increased retention of your clients and staff, I have information that can deliver.  Contact me today and let's get together.  "What would you like to see accomplished here?"  Allow me to help you find the solution.

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